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Indian Batik, Ceramic Pendent

I used an antique Indian batik stamp pressed into the clay to make the pattern for this series of pendants. They are made from white clay, colored with different under glazes and oxides, and finished with clear glaze.
For sail on etsy

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Sugar Skull

The skull is the home of the brain which holds our intellect, memories, thoughts, perceptions and ideas. The human skull is also a symbol for life, mortality and death. "The Day of the Dead", celebrated in Mexico, is known for its vibrant festivities honoring ancestors with flowers and sugar skulls.

I wanted my skull to represent the sweetness of sugar and the playfulness of the traditional decorative methods used in Mexico. The texture and patterns I made using the coiling technique allowed me to get the desired look for the skull.

White under glaze on studio clay
8" diameter

Plum Blossom

acrylic on canvas
24 x 24 inch

Drop This Vase

This form expresses multiple dimensions and faces. there is a dynamic between the organic contorts  the simple iron oxide treated surface and the detail of the carved holes that allows the viewer to have a different experience from every angle.

Iron oxide and dusty blue over green glaze on studio clay
19" x 11