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Earthen Wear Vase

With this hand built earthen wear vase I am trying to emulate the feeling of sunlight passing through the branches of a tree. It is a very stylized interpretation but the the fore still has a graceful and organic movement.
Red earthen wear, iron oxide, manganese, clear glaze, cone 6, 
39x19x15.5 cm
Recent posts

Pottery Painting Party for Adults

Unique creative activities for adults. 
I demonstrated a variate of techniques to apply under glaze to the bisquwere.

When the participants were finished decorating, a clear glaze was applied and the pottery was re-fired. The Participants could pick up their work in about a week and the finished pottery is fit for use.

Kindi Mug Painting Workshop

A fun pottery glazing workshop for the youngens, Children and their guardians decorated mugs with their name and anything else of inspiration. After the under glaze decoration is finished, all the mugs will receive a coat of clear glaze and fired in the kiln. It is always exciting to see the final results; the children usually have to wait a few days until the mugs are returned to them.

Bui O School Visual Art Day

I was invited by Tilly, the former art teacher at Bui O Public School, to participate in a Visual Arts Demo/workshop for the students of P1, P2 and P3.  The students had the opportunity to try their hands at print making, graffiti, mosaics and ceramic activities. I was in charge of the ceramics.

After a brief introduction to ceramic clay, some basic techniques and processes students were instructed on how to decorate a pendent using under-glaze. I prepared the pendants for the students and bisqued them beforehand. 

Then student were given an example on how to form clay using the pinch pot technique. 

Students were allowed to play and manipulate the clay and were instructed on how to join pieces using scoring and slip.

Indian Batik, Ceramic Pendent

I used an antique Indian batik stamp pressed into the clay to make the pattern for this series of pendants. They are made from white clay, colored with different under glazes and oxides, and finished with clear glaze.